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  • Vintage Canada Salt And Pepper Shakers with Cute Squirrel Handles Japan
  • Vintage Salt Shaker Chef with Wooden Handle to shake Japan
  • Vintage Salt Handpainted Salt Shaker with Handles Japan
  • Vintage Set Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers Snakes with Handles Sponge Painted
  • Vintage Pressed Glass Salt And Pepper Shakers With Metal Lids With Wire Handles
  • Vintage 1950's Salt & Pepper Shakers Brown Glass Mugs with Wood handles Vegas
  • Vintage Teal Green Pottery Salt and Pepper Shakers with Handles Watering Cans
  • Vintage Brown Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers With Wooden Handles & Metal Straps
  • Vintage Boston, MA Souvenir Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers With Handles
  • Vintage Salt And Pepper Shakers Wooden Lanterns with Handle
  • Vintage Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers pots with handles, Holland Michigan
  • Vintage 1950's Salt & Pepper Shakers Brown Glass Mugs with Wood handles
  • Vintage Copper Stovetop Salt and Pepper Shakers with Brass Handles
  • VINTAGE Salt & Pepper Shakers 2.75 Tall With Roosters & Handles
  • Vintage Country house Salt and Pepper shakes, large with handles, cute
  • Vintage 1960's Bull with Tail Handle Salt Pepper Shaker Made in Japan NMC
  • Vintage Cows with Tail Handles Salt Pepper Shakers Made in Japan GNCO Bull 1960s
  • Vintage Lantern Shaped with Metal Handle Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers Wood
  • Vintage Blue Luster Salt And Pepper Shaker With Handle, Hand Painted, Japan
  • Vintage Pink Peony Salt & Pepper Shakers Set with Handles
  • Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Pottery One is Yellow one is Gray with handles
  • Vintage Wood with Handles and Strawberries Vines Salt & Pepper
  • Vintage Peach And Purple Lustre Salt And Pepper Shaker With Handle, Japan
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers with Handles VTG Stoneware Crock Pottery Made in Japan
  • Vintage Light Brown and Tan Cruet Salt and Pepper Shakers with handles JAPAN
  • Vintage Clown Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers With Handles
  • vintage kitchen: wooden barrel style salt and pepper shakers with handles
  • Beautiful Pink Bells With S & P as the Handle Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Checkered with handle Dark Pink Light Red


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