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Displaying 1 to 44 (of 44 products)
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  • Salt & Pepper shaker Milk Canster, gold trim,collectors set, Unique,Cermaicglass
  • Sailor Boy and Girl Salt & Pepper Shakers Japan Saluting Gold Stripes Navy
  • Hallmark Holiday Christmas Jingling Bells Salt & Pepper Shakers NIB Gold Silver
  • Salt Pepper Shaker Set Toronto Canada Blue Ceramic Gold paint egg shape
  • Salt & Pepper shaker Seattle Space Needle Ceramic White Gold trim
  • Vintage Salt Pepper Shaker Flower Floral Pattern Gold Trim
  • Vintage Porcelain Gold Forget Me Not Blue Violet Floral Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Collectable Vtg Salt & Pepper Shakers w handpainted Windmills, gold gilt, Japan
  • Vintage Salt Pepper Shakers Walrus In Black Tuxedo Gold Top Hat Bow Ties Ceramic
  • Vtg Handpainted Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shaker Set w Gold Accenting
  • Bavaria hand painted, gold topped salt and pepper shakers
  • Vintage Mid Century Modern WEEPING GOLD Salt & Pepper Shakers Pottery
  • Vintage Coors Salt & Pepper Shakers Wheat pattern with gold trim
  • Vintage 2 Sets of Salt & Pepper Shakers Floral Gold Trim Japan
  • Vintage Corning Ware Butterfly Gold Salt & Pepper Shakers w Chrome Tops
  • Nippon Gold & Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers Hand Painted Flowers
  • MINT VTG Salt and Pepper Shakers George Good 50th Anniversary Gold on White
  • Vintage Nippon Salt and Pepper Shakers 3 , Gold Tops, Pink Roses , Blue
  • Vintage Delft Dutch Girl Pepper Shaker Japan Red & Gold Tag
  • Salt & Pepper shaker Pot Belly Stove,Plastic Black w gold Collectors must have
  • Unique GOLD PLATED salt pepper shakers HEAVY marked GODINGER
  • VTG Lusterware Salt and Pepper Shakers White with Gold Grapes
  • Vtg Genuine Handpainted Gold Holland Delft Windmill Salt & Pepper Shakers Japan
  • VTG Munchen Germany Salt & Pepper Shakers KITCHEN GERMAN GOLD CASTLE SHIELD
  • VTG Salt and Pepper Shakers Oriental Lusterware Teal w Gold Trim
  • Vintage Japanese Lusterware Salt & Pepper Shakers w Blue Butterflies Gold Trim
  • Jameco Gold Tone Daisy Salt & Pepper Shakers Vintage
  • Two Pair Pickard Gold Encrusted Salt &Pepper Shakers Textured & Floral Patterns


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